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We hear from a couple of our members, Chiara Costanza and Anna Rankmore, who were mentored in 2020 by female AGSC members.


Chiara was mentored by award-winning AGSC member Bryony Marks, for the 2020 APRA AMCOS / AGSC Mentorships for Women: Film Composing strand.

She writes: “I am very grateful to have been awarded the mentorship with Bryony. She is not only a wonderful person, but an incredibly gifted composer and mentor.

She gave me some important feedback on the work I have shown her, tips on the next steps to take to further develop my career as a composer, technical tips on how to manage myself as a freelance artist and gave me a whole lot of confidence to believe in myself and continue to do what I do.”

Chiara’s latest work is the score for new Australian film Long Story Short and the soundtack is available on Spotify now.


Anna joined the Guild through the Screenworks Screen Composing Bootcamp and Mentorship program for regional-based composers, which included AGSC members Amanda Brown, Petra Salsjö and Tim Count as mentors.

” I applied to be in the Bootcamp not thinking I would actually get chosen. When I got the call, it made my whole week. I was so happy!! And very much keen to start.

My first session with Amanda Brown was on Skype – seeing as I’m in Muswellbrook and she is in Sydney, plus the whole pandemic situation…

Amanda was amazing – very open and honest and willing to teach things that others tend to hide in fear of competition. She is incredibly knowledgeable and knew exactly which approach would work for me – which was to push me outside of my comfort zone with some tough love and incredible encouragement at the same time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly assignments, getting to be creative in different genres and learning the behind the scenes of music composition for films and TV. In addition to talking about the technical sides or composition, we also had wonderful conversations about my lack of confidence and continuous self doubt – all of which Amanda knew how to handle brilliantly.

The bootcamp then led to other opportunities like scoring a soundtrack for a short animation film and further developing my skills not only in composition but also team work. Unfortunately due to COVID we didn’t get to have the studio session I was looking forward to, but having made that connection I know I can always turn to Amanda for questions and mentoring in the future.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Bootcamp to any other emerging composer, the value I got out of that was pretty priceless and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity!”

Anna Rankmore
Composer | Audio Engineer | Photographer |

Applications for the 2021 Bootcamp are now closed but keep an eye open for them in 2022.


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