Benefits of joining
We provide support, information, community and education for all Australian screen composers, whether emerging or established. Additionally, we advocate at the highest levels of government for a sustainable and prosperous screen composition sector within the Australian screen industry sector.
Arguably the most important benefit of joining the AGSC is the support, shared knowledge, experience and networking opportunities available to you as a member of our community. If you need any advice or assistance please, contact us. If we can’t help directly then we will put you in contact with another member who can!

As part of your membership, you will enjoy:

  • Professional development opportunities via seminars, masterclasses or workshops offered several times a year
  • ‘Members-only’ emails alerting you to important information and changes in the industry
  • Exclusive access to our Rates Survey
  • Exclusive access to NORMAH (Network of Recording Musicians at Home), a curated database of highly experienced session musicians who can record themselves within their home studio – great for remote composers, composers on tight budgets, and in lockdown!

Plus you will have access to important information via our resources page, including template contracts, work for hire, information on buyouts, composer fees information, research and much more.

Finally, behind the scenes your membership enables us to advocate for the entire community through representations to governmental agencies, organisations and funding bodies. We liaise and work closely with our colleagues from other guilds or associations to support our industry, including:

Membership is open to all screen composers who are Australian citizens or residents.

Becoming a financial member enables us to better support you, our community, with more events, seminars or other functions or services.

Our Annual membership rates are as follows


  • We welcome students of screen composition or those studying in related disciplines interested in entering this career and can offer you all the support, networking and professional development opportunities outlined above.


  • We welcome new or emerging screen composers or recent graduates who wish to join our community. Associate members have all the benefits of Full membership but are unable to be listed in our Members Directory, nor vote in or nominate for board positions. No screen credits are required for this level of membership.


  • Full members are entitled to all our benefits, but are also able to be included in our Members Directory which is routinely accessed by content producers wishing to find a composer. Full members are also able to vote in and nominate for board positions and may attend board meetings. Two screen credits are required to gain Full membership.
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