We are a community of professional screen composers, dedicated to supporting both emerging and established Australian screen composers in film, television, gaming or related industries.

Our role is to advocate, support and increase recognition for Australian screen composers. We embrace inclusivity and diversity in our industry and welcome the new perspectives and potential it can bring to the art and craft of our practice.

When you hit a brick wall or are facing difficult choices, we are here to help or to put you in contact with someone who can.

We are also here for our colleagues in other areas of the industry, such as directors, producers, editors, sound editors and mixers. We believe that the better we understand each other and the challenges we all face, the better our collaborations will be – resulting in stronger and more cohesive productions. So please, fellow professionals, reach out to us and we can help de-mystify the creative and practical aspects of scoring for the screen.

Our 2021 board and sub-committee members are

Antony Partos

Vice-President (Operations)
Me-Lee Hay

Vice President (Marketing)
Dale Cornelius

Jessica Iuliano

Stuart Smith

Board members
Antony Partos, Dale Cornelius, Elizabeth Drake, Hylton Mowday, Me-Lee Hay, Pru Montin, Jessica Iuliano

Education Committee
Brett Aplin, Cameron Patrick, Cliff Bradley, Dale Cornelius (Chair), Fiona Hill, Leah Flanagan, Luna Pan

Events Committee
Pru Montin (Chair), Guy Gross, Natalie Jeffreys, Sophia Christopher

Gender Equity Committee
Yantra de Vilder, Elizabeth Drake (Chair), Ken Francis,  Angela Little,  Bryony Marks, Pru Montin

Health & Wellbeing Committee
Caitlin Yeo, Pru Montin (Chair), Sarah Strachan

Industrial Relations Committee
Guy Gross, Rafael May, Hylton Mowday, Antony Partos (Chair), Chee Wei Tay, Caitlin Yeo

Awards Committee
Burkhard Dallwitz (Chair), Elizabeth Drake, Me-Lee Hay, Brett Rosenberg

Operations Executive
Stephanie Li