​The AGSC is dedicated to supporting all established and emerging screen composers in Australia, helping them to navigate the ever-changing challenges of scoring for film, television, games and other media.
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As the only dedicated hub for professional screen composers in Australia, the AGSC is the central point for the Australian screen composition community. The AGSC provides information, resources, advocacy and support for its members, addresses important industry topics through its regular newsletters, and organises member events and social gatherings.

In support of a strong, sustainable and resilient Australian screen music industry, the AGSC advocates for the rights of composers. Current advocacy work includes composer ownership of copyright and publishing, and commensurate compensation for music commissioned, while continuing to function as a support network to its members engaged in screen music.

As a representative body for the screen music community, we are here to help all composers regardless of their level of experience and support the continued sustainability of screen composition for our diverse and talented member community.

For more information, see our Publishing, Copyright and Licensing, and Royalties resource pages as well as our Frequently Asked Questions and list of Do’s and Don’ts. Click through to read more about us and our full list of AGSC principles and objectives.

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We are passionate about supporting both emerging and established screen composers.

By drawing on past experiences and sharing knowledge, the entire composing community becomes stronger and more resilient. If you need any advice or assistance, please get in touch here or via our socials.

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The AGSC acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the unceded lands and waters on which we create our work and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

AGSC Disclaimer
“The Information on this website is provided as general information only and on the understanding that the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) is not providing professional advice of a legal, financial or otherwise nature to any user on the matters covered by this information. Whilst the AGSC makes every effort to keep the information on this site current, the information on this site is subject to change at any time. As different laws and legislation currently exist and operate between the States, Territories and Federal Government of Australia, the AGSC does not warrant or represent that the information on this site is free from errors or omissions.
Users of this site should also be aware that the information provided may be in the form of summaries and generalisations derived from other sources and may omit detail that could be significant to a particular scenario or context. Users of this site should seek independent verification of any information on this site that they are seeking to rely on. The Guild can only provide general information and not advise you on specific points of your music contracts or on the law more broadly. Any questions relating to a contractual agreement beyond general ones should be directed to a qualified lawyer. For specific advice, the AGSC strongly recommends that members seek information from the relevant Government authority, lawyer, tax professional or other industry professional.

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