The AGSC strongly supports the following principles and encourages all Australian screen composers where possible to:

Retain your Writer’s share. If you are an APRA AMCOS member you have already assigned these rights to the organisation and they cannot be granted to third parties. While in some territories other than Australia it is possible to relinquish your Writer’s share, we strongly advise against this.

Retain your publishing. Historically in Australia, it is not routine to hand over your publishing rights. However if this is non negotiable, ensure you are adequately compensated for the loss of these or other rights. For more information click here.

Charge for your services as a screen composer. There is no such thing as a free lunch! 🙂

Reach out to your friends and colleagues for advice when uncertain of what course of action to take. We have seen first hand the significant and tangible benefits of doing so.

Advocate for your interests. By doing so, you strengthen the entire community of Australian screen composers!

Remember, as individual screen composers we are all part of a broader screen composer community. Ideally our business choices and practices would be sustainable not just for ourselves, but for the screen composer community as a whole.

For more information see our Publishing, Copyright and Licensing and Royalties resource pages, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions and list of Do’s and Don’ts.

We encourage all composers, regardless of their level of experience, to contact us when faced with issues. We are here to help and to represent you, the members of our diverse and talented community, and to support the continued viability of a career in screen composition. Join us!

The key objectives of the AGSC are:

To promote and protect the legal, economic and moral rights and interests of Australian screen composers.

To represent and lobby for the interests of Australian screen composers. In doing so, develop and promote employment opportunities for Australian composers and the use of original music.

To provide advice, guidance and information to composers.

To provide educational, professional development and networking opportunities for Australian screen composers.

To increase the profile and recognition of Australian screen composers among the screen industry and general public.

To promote the role of Australian music in screen productions.