The AGSC recently held the AGM for the 2020-2021 year, via zoom, allowing members from all over to attend.

Business covered at the AGM included the presentation of the annual reports from the President, Treasurer, Executive Director and Vice-president, as well as the chairs of the AGSC’s six sub-committees.  The membership were asked to vote on a Special Resolution to amend the AGSC Constitution to allow for the Treasurer role of office to be a paid position should the need arise.  The new Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 year were also elected.

New incoming Board of Directors for the AGSC.

The Australian Guild of Screen Composers welcomes composer Pru Montin (Vic/L.A.), elected at the AGM and Jessica Iuliano from Media Arts Lawyers, appointed at the first board meeting, as new board members. They join incumbents Elizabeth Drake (Vic), Hylton Mowday (NSW), VP Operations Me-Lee Hay (NSW), and VP Marketing Dale Cornelius (Vic), with President Antony Partos (NSW) at the helm.

The Guild thanks outgoing Board members Mark Buys, Cameron Patrick, Tom Rouch and Petra Salsjö who have all contributed greatly to the work of the AGSC behind the scenes. Mark Buys has also retired from the Treasurer Office Bearer role and chair of the Awards Sub-Committee.  Cameron Patrick will remain on the Education Committee.

The AGSC Board for the 2021-2022 year, until the next AGM is:

  • Antony Partos – President and chair of the Industrial Relations Committee
  • Dale Cornelius – Vice President (Marketing) and chair of the Education Committee
  • Me-Lee Hay – Vice President (Operations) and chair of the Events Committee
  • Elizabeth Drake – board members and chair of the Gender Equity Committee
  • Jessica Iuliano – board member (appointed under Constitutional Rules)
  • Hylton Mowday – board member and member of the Industrial Relations Committee
  • Pru Montin – board member and member of the Health and Well Being Committee